Spring Fling!

Am doing spring fling again for the first time in a few year and for the first time since I left Wasps studios.  Am working from home now so I will ask any visitors to judge me on the quality of my work rather than the tidiness of my garden…

The link below will take you to my profile page on the Spring fling website.



back from reality…

Hello there!  I’m the first to admit I have neglected this website a little… In fact it really should have been taken into custody by now but I promise I will do better from now on.  Not for the 1st time I will blame having children.  Will be refreshing and updating the site over the next few day so hopefully it will end up all shiny and new.

Got a few exhibitions coming up and my (triumphant?) return to the Spring Fling fold to look forward to as well.  My Facebook page is the best place to get the freshest Ross Fulton news at the moment – https://www.facebook.com/rossfultonpainting/

Cheers very much,