Just finished this one and hoping to enter it in the derwent drawing prize.  It’s a picture of Hospitalfield house in Arbroath or the bit behind it anyway… Took too long and a bit overworked but you live and you learn! (hopefully…). The building has quite a history and this can be seen at

In progress…


This is what’s happening in Studio 8 at the moment.  Been looking at Kirkcudbright artist Charles Oppenheimer lately who did a lot of street scenes around here.  If I can find the time I’m hoping there will be a set of paintings in a similar vein.


upon becoming a father I claimed my painting style would be completely unaffected and I stand by that.  Admittedly at 1st glance it may seem that painting still life in my conservatory is a bit of a change of tack but I would disagree with that and assume thats enough to have won the argument…



the feelgood painting of the summer.





Just finished this one.  Another of the now gone Kirkcudbright creamery.   Probably the last as no matter how much I like a subject I always want to move on after 3 or 4 paintings. I blame too much access to the telly remote when I was younger…

Spring fling thing

Just finshed this one in time for Spring fling.  Remember folks, Spring fling is on this Saturday, Sunday and Monday and you can find all you need to know here…  Hoping for good weather and a busy weekend.  One of these wishes may be somewhat dependent on the other…

View II

very slow time lapse…

Going to try and do a photo update on this one every day or 2 that I work on it.  It’s another of the Kirkcudbright creamery mid demolition and I’m hopeful it will be ready for Spring fling at the end of May.  This is definitely the fun stage, easy to make an improvement on nothing!

photo-17 photo-18 photo-20




Just finished this one.  It’s at Kirkcudbright fire station.  Only a wee one but working on a small scale is good now and then and makes me appreciate the bigger ones I think.  Also nice to have a quick turnaround and miss out the ‘when will it end!?’ phase!